Percussive Guitar Inc. introduces the Guitar Forte.

Guitar Forte is a percussive device that attaches simply and securely to a guitar with nothing more than a strap.   Once installed, the musician can explore the percussive capabilities of the guitar much like the classic piano. The device has multiple adjustments that give the artist the ability to choose the height of the hammers (attack), as well as angle of the keys and spring tension.  The hammer heads come in several types of materials (felt, rubber, metal, plastic) so the artist can explore a diverse range of sounds, tones and moods.  Guitar Forte can be attached to acoustic guitars, electric guitars and most bass guitars.  

This amazing accessory has inspired a whole new way of playing the guitar.  With the soul of the piano and the heart of a drum, the Guitar Forte is one of the most innovative products to come out in 2013.  Guitarists from all backgrounds are drawn to its beauty and most importantly, the range of sounds it can achieve.  This patent pending guitar accessory will be debuted at summer NAMM 2013. This truly unique device will add a whole new color to the guitarist's pallet.